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Yabbi DSP constantly monitors the inventory quality for the main media requirements


Controlling visibility

Thus, we guarantee to brands the effective communication with users.
We control the visibility in each mobile application and partners SDK, according to the MRC standards. You pay only for valid and visible impressions.

Controlling quality

We use Similarweb to check the number of installs and availible volume of inventory. Before the launch, each advertising creative is tested on available SDK's to prove its correct display and pleasant user experience.

Controlling Brand Safety

The inventory is filtered automatically. We only show the ads to the relevant audience, using the applications with corresponding categories, 4-5 star rating and good reviews.
Exclusive Antifraud system integrated with Fraudscore
Our Antifraud system ensures the high traffic quality and controls the validity of each advertising impression.
Regularly updated Blacklists
The system puts the applications that demonstrated fraud, rating manipulation, and bad reviews to the Blacklist. Real people see the ads and those "bot farms" aren't get paid.
Filtering unwanted and invalid clicks
The system filters clicks by analysing users pre-click behaviour. All the filtered clicks are made by real people, which increases your profit and makes your advertising expenses more effective.
Analysing devices for anomaly detection
We analyse 100+ parameters to detect emulated mobile devices: non-mobile user agent, cursor pointer appearance, proxy, Tor etc.
Inventory verified by Sizmek
Sizmek — American technology company, specialized on viesibility and fraud level audit for online advertising.

Effective advertising formats and placements


Fullscreen banner, Rewarded video and more

Timely, visible and efficient formats. Placements are controlled and adapted to your KPI's, for noticeable and engaging advertising.

Features of advertising formats

Zero user annoyance

Unique fullscreen creative, appears when the application is launched and can be skipped by a user. We don't use negative, content interrupting, text splitting formats etc.

Interaction engagement

We use clickable, playable creatives, surveys and mini games.

Complete views

Although Rewarded video is skippable, users are interested to complete watching it to get the reward.

We pay special attention to brand awareness and recognition in each campaign

Consulting for creatives and adaptation. We help to choose the most effective appearance, fonts, banner contents etc.

We use the Device ID as the main, impersonal user ID

We know which apps are installed on user's device and In-App spending
Which gives us better understanding of the audience than DMP based cookies. Device ID — is a stable parameter which is availible as long as the users phone exists.
We record people's visits in popular offline locations and specific offline movement patterns
We collect precise sex and age through In-App forms and profiles
We build Look-alike on the basis of any available data array
We form links of the Device ID / Mac-address for hyper geotargeting
Targeting with SimilarWeb's digital market intelligence platform
SimilarWeb - international technology company, specialized in in-depth data analysis.

Extra benefits of Yabbi DSP

The advertising campaigns' basic parameters are automatically optimised by YABBI algorithms according to the KPI's: CTR, Bounce Rate, Visibility, Passing Rate.

KPI fulfillment

Convenient and easy-to-use self-service for managing comprehensive campaigns and receiving detailed post-buy reports.


Get started with YABBI

We will help you to fulfill the KPI according to your task, choose the suitable format, create or make adaptation to your creatives.
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